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गुलों में रंग भरे (हैदर)
gulo.n me.n ra.ng bhare (Haider)

रशीद अत्रे, विशाल भारद्वाज फ़ैज़ अरिजित सिंह  
3.37  5.00  3.45   
Rashid Attre, Vishal Bhardwaj Faiz Arijit Singh  
Jury comments

The percussion in the song is jarring and irritating and does not go with the overall mood and tune of the song. -Ketan

Good singing but pales when compared with original sung by Mehndi saheb -Parul

साल के सबसे अच्‍छे गानों में से एक। अरिजीत बाक़ी गानों से इतना अलग साउंड करते हैं कि कहीं कहीं विशाल की आवाज़ का धोखा होता है। एक कसक रह गयी। इसे विशाल खुद गाते तो रंग और ही होता। -यूनुस

An interesting take on the tune in the beginning - but why not just remake the whole thing? Why go back to the Mehdi Hassan tune, especially if you're going to dumb it down? That said, I do think the feel is interesting. -Sanjeev

Opportunity missed with lyrics? Wish Gulzar had added a couple of couplets to this classics on his own -Arun

Faiz's words, Arijit's singing and Vishal's melody. This ghazal is one of my fav songs of the recent times. -Hemendra

Love VB's treatment and Arijits singing. -Bharathi

Arijit gives fresh guitar-based treatment to Faiz saab’s popular ghazal. The song fits into Haider’s milieu perfectly. Arijit proves that he’s competent enough to pull off this iconic ghazal. -Mihir M

Really? In a world that already contais MH's version? -Zafar

Understated singing by Arijit.The original tune of the song is beautiful and VB doesn’t take away from that at all. -Meera

Don't know what I eventually ended up rating- this song or my memory of the previous versions. Still a very pleasant effort, better than the last time a Bengali sang it. Arijit and Vishal follow Mehndi Hassan/Pt. Ghulam Qadir template, which is acceptable but a reinterpretation specially from Arijit would not have hurt. -Vibhendu

Mehdi Hassan did a splendid job with this song, but I still love this fused version. That's the magical effect of the guitar which can make a ghazal sound pleasurable and yet keep its beauty intact. -Sowmya

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