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आज के नाम (हैदर)
aaj ke naam (Haider)

विशाल भारद्वाज फ़ैज़ रेखा भारद्वाज  
3.17  5.00  3.27   
Vishal Bhardwaj Faiz Rekha Bhardwaj  
Jury comments

An outstanding track. Vishal weaves beautiful melody around Faiz saab’s poignant verses. Rekha Bhardwaj’s rendition is exceptional. It could easily move you to tears. -Mihir M

Soulful composition -Parul

Vishal, though has retained the portions which were not sung in Nayyara Noor's version, follows the template of Arshad Mehmood's original composition. Some of Faiz's poetry can be very difficult to put to music, with its apparent free-verse nature, phrases of unequal length, absence of rhyming phrases and Mehmood has been a pioneer of sorts when it comes to discovering the inherent musicality of the poetry of verse of not just Faiz, but some of the other modern greats. Thankfully for us, Vishal gets poetry. For how a tone-deaf composer can kill poetry, please turn to ARR. Incidentally it was the Noor-Mehmood version which first resulted in Bhardwaj's tuning of this poem. Ismat Chughtai concludes her recalling of her obscenity trials with the mention of Nayyara's voice wafting into her Mahim flat from a neighbour's music-system. Incidentally, Nayyara has not sung the lines which Chughtai mentions and which formed the title of her essay 'Un Biyahtaon ke Naam'. Vishal put it to music for Nasir's staging of the essay as part of Ismat Manto Hazir Ho. Rekha sang it live again when Salim Arif and Lubna Salim staged Alys and Faiz's letters to each other, so good to find a recorded version of it. -Vibhendu

Most hard hitting words. Cannot listen to the song without eyes welling up. -Meera

Goes no where. -Zafar

The music is insipid, the singing is lacklustre and non-vegetarian (I heard "un do kheemao ke naam", instead of "dukhi maa.on" -Ketan

So nice to hear a sweet Dadra theka after so long. Nice strings and piano backdrop too. Rekha B.'s vocals are slightly less sleepy here - would like to hear more in this direction. -Sanjeev

Rekha sounds fabulous as always but sounds just short of magical experience as always -Arun

रेखा जी की आवाज़ और फ़ैज़। दिव्‍य अदभुत बेमिसाल। -यूनुस

This is a tear jerker of a song. Rekha emotes beautifully and the lyrics are stupendous. Sheer vocals and lyrics are enough to make an impression. -Sowmya

कभी फ़ैज़ की यह कविता एक किताब के पहले पन्ने पर लिखकर एक लड़की को तोहफ़े में दी थी। -मिहिर पं.

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