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तू ... अर्ज़ियाँ दे रहा है दिल (पापोन) (बॉबी जासूस)
tuu ... arziyaa.N de rahaa hai dil (Papon) (Bobby Jasoos)

शांतनु मोइत्रा स्वानंद किरकिरे पापोन, श्रेया घोषाल  
3.53  3.09  3.60   
Shantanu Moitra Swanand Kirkire Papon, Shreya Ghoshal  
Jury comments

Shreya"s rendition, soulful music and lyrics creates a mesmerising effect -Parul

पैपॉन की आवाज़ का एक नया रंग। बिल्कुल अलग तरह का गीत। बस स्वानंद का जादू नहीं दिखता गाने की लेखनी में। -यूनुस

The song could have done without the Shreya mukhda and just kept Papon in there. Papon is like a breath of fresh air and he and Shantanu Moitra can work some magic. The veena piece in the interlude is beautiful and even for a ghazal adds a romantic flair. Lyrics are nicely engaging. -Sowmya

Raaag based music sounds like an older song . Louvwe it. Mousiki ik puraani si hai. -Bharathi

I like the Shreya part of the song more than the Papon parts. Nice humming towards the end, but the song lacks a finishing punch to move it from good to very good -Ketan

Papon's singing is amazing! -Arun

Papon shines here. -Zafar

An arresting melody backed by a beautiful melange of instruments, and what a spirited rendition by Papon & Shreya! Kudos. -Mihir M

Love, Love, Love Papon's voice in this song. Wish the Shreya additions were not there. Take away from the feel of the song. I used to love this song when the movie came out. Still do! A hit song by Shantanu-Swanand! -Hemendra

The "Tu Mera Afsana..." refrain is hypnotic. The parts themselves seem a little disjoint but perhaps they're going for the "collage" effect based on the film situation? Good singing...Ah - Shantanu Moitra, that's why it reminds me of Parineeta -Sanjeev

Clever, balanced and elegant modern composition by Shantanu. It was nice to hear the Veena, Papon's part does sound as if it has been heard before, but it does not take away from the track -Sunil

marziyaaan mod kar chale aao :) High on melody. Love the harmonies in the chorus. -Meera

Definitely excellent singing, loved the harmonies. -Pranav

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