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धीमे रे रे (आँखों देखी)
dhiime re re (Ankhon Dekhi)

सागर देसाई वरुण ग्रोवर मनशील गुजराल  
3.11  2.98  2.83   
Saagar Desai Varun Grover Mansheel Gujral  
Jury comments

Mansheel Gujral's melancholic voice is heart breaking! -Arun

Bhinna Shadja/Hemant - composer has really gone in for classically-based melody, OK fine. Lyrics are fit weirdly in spots...Voice has some texture, but also very viscous and dry...sounds like it's struggling to catch the top "Sa" in spots -Sanjeev

साल की सबसे अनोखी फ़िल्म। कस्बों से शहरी जीवन की अोर पलायन में अन्य बहुत सारी चीज़ों के साथ इक ख़ास चीज़ जो हमने खोई है, वो है दोपहरें। यह गीत उन्हीं अलसाई, धूप भरी दोपहरों की याद दिलाता है। -मिहिर पं.

Overall average -Parul

Beautiful. -Bharathi

Melodious and melancholic, this song captures the mood purely with its tempo and overall music. The pianica and the guitar riffs add a beautiful touch and break the tempo of the music. Some lovely singing and lyrics that enhance the "bidai" mood. -Sowmya

Nice percussion accompanying decent lyrics but the singing is a huge letdown -Ketan

All songs of this film are against the run of the mill, this one no exception. -Zafar

A haunting tune. Lovely singing by Mansheel Gujral. -Mihir M

Amazing song. Firat time listen for me, but, haunting, dramatic and well suited to the situation. Antaras are not as good as the Mukhada. Singing lacks. -Hemendra

Lovely and haunting melody. The raw voice adds to it. -Meera

Though the lyrics are a 'best of ' collection of metaphors from the traditional bidaai songs, I find a few metaphors force fitted, a little rasabhaav in the whole 'dahi… jaamana' antara. -Vibhendu

Thanks to Rekha B. and Vishal B., this genre has found firm ground now in HFM. -Pranav

ठीक-ठाक गीत। -यूनुस

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