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आज लागी लागी नई धूप (आँखों देखी)
aaj laagii laagii na_ii dhuup (Ankhon Dekhi)

सागर देसाई वरुण ग्रोवर कैलाश खेर  
2.87  3.61  3.09   
Saagar Desai Varun Grover Kailash Kher  
Jury comments

I was desparately looking for some variations in the arrangement beyond just Sarangi and Khanjira. It didn't come and the song became monotonous. -Pranav

Kailash kher is an underrated artist! Wonderful lyrics - reminded me of Shailendra's classics! And that Sarangi is mesmerizing! -Arun

Ankhon Dekhi was a great movie. The soundtrack fits it to a tee. Kailash Kher sounds rustic, as usual. -Hemendra

एक बेहतरीन दार्शनिक गीत। वरूण ग्रोवर के कमाल के एक्सप्रेशन। शुक्र है कैलाश नीचे सुरों पर टिके रहते हैं। देर तक साथ चलने वाला गीत। -यूनुस

Beautiful old world melody. -Meera

I am normally a fan of Kailash Kher's singing, but I'm not getting into it here...maybe song is set too low - sounds unusually unsteady. Yaman Kalyan base isn't hooking me, seems forced. -Sanjeev

Varun Grover needs more recognition and kudos to him for such lyrics in deafening times. This suits Kailash Kher's voice. -Sunil

Love it -Bharathi

Kailash Kher is singing as if someone is holding a gun to his head. -Ketan

A song that describes lead protagonist’s moment of epiphany. One that sums up the philosophy of Ankhon Dekhi in nutshell. Varun Grover’s lyrics are exquisite to say the least. Kailash Kher’s voice suits the song well. Overall, a great effort. -Mihir M

Rustic and almost transports you to the desserts of Jaisalmer. Kher does a decent job with the song but there are places where he appears off (could be deliberate to make it sound more folksy). The sarangi sounds lovely in the beginning and interweaved throughout the song. Touching lyrics. -Sowmya

Very catchy, low-tech tune. -Zafar

Voice of kailash kher and lyrics compliment each other and music enhances the combined effect -Parul

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