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कैसा ये इस्क है ... इस्क रिस्क (मेरे ब्रदर की दुल्हन)
kaisaa ye isk hai ... isk risk (Mere Brother Ki Dulhan)

सोहेल सेन इरशाद कामिल राहत फ़तेह अली ख़ान  
2.06  1.95  2.35   
Sohail Sen Irshad Kamil Rahat Fateh Ali Khan  
Jury comments

The antaras seem to be a direct lift from RDB's "pyaar hua chupke se" (1942-ALS). Sohail Sen could have done wonders with that tune. Instead we get Rahat Fateh Ali Khan who gives the impression that he would be rather having spoonfuls of castor oil rather than singing. He sounds bored and so does the song. -Ketan
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan - another winner - but he is hovering dangerously close to becoming typecast. Love the 'Isk' part. -Shashi
Can't risk listening to this more than once. Rahat provides no relief - in fact, his voice is getting on my nerves now. -Amarendra
राहत अपनी गायकी से किसी भी साधारण सी रचना को भी प्रभावशाली बनाने का माद्दा रखते हैं. धुन में नवीनता नहीं है मगर फिर भी राहत की वजह से गीत सुनने लायक बन पड़ा है. इरशाद कामिल ने ब्रदर की होने वाली दुल्हन से हुए इस्क के रिस्क को गीत में बखूबी से पेश किया है. -Pavan
The song starts off as an attention grabber and then starts of sounding like all else. -Sowmya
Almost everything about the song is very, very good, though I wouldn't rate it as excellent. -Harshit
A great way for RFAK to take a break from mostly conventional uses of his voice; I wish the guitar chops had come in later in the song -- that would have helped the arrangement grow more gradually; looks like someone finally took a good leaf out of the tabalaas from kahanaa hii kyaa (Bombay); Sohail Sen does the best Pritam song not by Pritam. -George
One of Rahat's best songs this year, this mock qawwali-ish song. The use of Ishq as Isk added very well to the wackiness. -Vipin
Harmonium and sarangi… what more could you ask for? Fun, peppy tune. RFAK sounds good. -Armeen

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