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छाई है तन्हाई ... जिसको है खो जाना (लव ब्रेकप्स ज़िंदगी)
chhaaii hai tanhaaii ... jisako hai kho (Love Breakups Zindagi)

सलीम-सुलेमान जावेद अख़्तर शफ़कत अमानत अली, सलीम मर्चेंट, श्रुति पाठक  
1.83  1.57  2.04   
Salim-Sulaiman Javed Akhtar Shafqat Amanat Ali, Salim Merchant, Shruti Pathak  
Jury comments

One more pop-qawwali, but this one grows on you. The tagline "chhaai hai tanhaai" is catchy. Definitely has repeat value. -Armeen
The music sounds happy, the lyrics are sad. -Harshit
A stereotypical Shafqat song. The upper notes are pitchy and ultimately the song is dull. -Sowmya
This is a wonderful find - a lovely melody and good singing. -Subrat
A usual sufi/religious/harmonium based song that neither endears nor lingers in memory. -Shashi
Why does every female singer these days ape the existing ones? -Ketan
A song seemingly modelled on 'tujhe bhula diya', with quiet sweeping portions peppered with qawwali-like segments. Splendid singing by Shafqat. -Vipin
Great use of the acoustic guitar and a great break into the qawwaalii mould. -George

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