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चाहूँ भी तो मैं कैसे कहूँ (फ़ोर्स)
chaahuu.N bhii to mai.n kaise kahuu.N (Force)

हैरिस जयराज जावेद अख़्तर कार्तिक, बॉम्बे जयश्री  
2.05  1.67  2.47   
Harris Jayaraj Javed Akhtar Karthik, Bombay Jayashri  
Jury comments

Did Harris tune 'Kaamosh raat' (Thakshak) for ARR? Major resemblance here, and of course there's the RHTDM hangover. Javed Akhtar's lyrics can't become more insipid. The voices are refreshing though. -Amarendra
Reminds of the Kavita K from Khamoshi. -Shashi
Bombay Jayashree has always had good songs from Harris Jayaraj. This one, though not really the best, makes for a good listen. -Vipin
Harris Jayaraj's arrangements make the guitar sound delicious until you realise that everything has been turned up including the female chorus, the interludes and the bass; this often make the vocals sound like they are just part of the soundscape, which along with some rather annoying gaffes in pronunciation takes away something from the song. -George
Like Bombay Jayshree's voice. The beats seem to overpower her thin voice but the melody is nice enough. -Ketan
Loved Karthik's rendition. Bombay Jayashree sounds out of place, dreary, old, and needs accent reduction training. But very soporific. -Sowmya
Beautiful composition with the guitar leading the way and such wonderful rendition by Bombay Jayshree. It is a pity again that we dont get to hear such songs more often in public.  -Subrat
Nothing memorable about this song. It's all been done before. -Armeen
वाद्य संयोजन में गिटार और सैक्साफोन के साथ कोरस का अच्छा उपयोग हुआ है. बॉम्बे जयश्री, हैरिस जयराज की फ़िल्मों में एक नियमित आवाज़ रही हैं और शायद इसी वजह से गीतरहना है तेरे दिल में’ के उनके गीतज़रा ज़रा’ की याद दिलाता है. -Pavan
Beautiful melody. Engaging interludes. Perfect singing. -Harshit
Gives a strong sense of deja vu, but can't place the song it sounds similar to. Good singing. Decent arrangement. -Aditya

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