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दुनिया में प्यार ... सहगल ब्ल्यूज़ (देल्ही बेली)
duniyaa me.n pyaar … Saigal Blues (Delhi Belly)

राम संपत चेतन शशितल, राम संपत चेतन शशितल  
2.55  2.13  2.27   
Ram Sampath Chetan Shashital, Ram Sampath Chetan Shashital  
Jury comments

A great pastiche that stands on its own as a fine piece of composing, singing and arranging. -George
Tones of hilarity and needless technofying aside, not a bad tune and a somewhat sincere effort towards creating 'Saigal blues'. -Armeen
On the one hand it's very innovative use of the voice mixed with blues music. However I see no point/place for this song in the movie. So was there a need for the song when it does fit into the context of the story? Irrespective I would rename the song 'Saigal Rocks'.  -Ketan
Listen once, have a chuckle, and then forget it. -Aditya
Excellent, excellent song!! And superbly rendered. Lovely guitar pieces. Liked the fusion of old and new in this song. A very different song with eccentric lyrics. What a superbly executed idea! -Sowmya
एलबम की खिलंदड़ प्रकृति का हिस्सा है. प्रारम्भ में चेतन अपनी नकल से प्रभावित करते हैं और राम संपत भी विन्टेज दौर और आधुनिक वाद्य संयोजन के प्रयोग से कुछ संभावनाएं जगाते हैं, मगर जल्द ही चेतन की गायकी और गीत, प्रयोगधर्मिता छोड़ मज़ाक का माहौल अपना लेता है और गीत एक साधारण सी पैरोडी बन के रह जाता है. -Pavan
Happy to go back to the original any day. Hopefully, it would have stoked interest in Saigal among a few who haven't heard him before. -Subrat
Liked the song. The 'haai's were repeated a bit too much though. -Vinayakam
Very imaginative twist to a retro tune, with a spot on rendition by Chetan Shashital. -Vipin
Chetan Shashital doing a Saigal - how can you make it interesting - add some slow rock beats…get in the groove. Saigal is now relevant to the new age listeners. Chetan however loses his Saigal act in many places - a tough act to create. But I am a sucker for slow rock and will definitely mind a small majnooish romance with this song. -Shashi
Points only for being 'different'. -Amarendra

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