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कभी लड़े लड़े से थे ... चट्टे-बट्टे (चिल्लर पार्टी)
kabhii la.De la.De se the ... chaTTe-baTTe (Chillar Party)

अमित त्रिवेदी नीतेश तिवारी अरमान मलिक, मोहित चौहान, गौरिका राय, केशव राय  
2.14  1.75  2.02   
Amit Trivedi Nitesh Tiwari Armaan Malik, Mohit Chauhan, Gaurika Rai, Keshav Rai  
Jury comments

One of the bests of year. Mohit Chauhan, Amitabh Bhattacharya and Amit Trivedi have made a wonderful song. -Gaurav
Nice calypso infusion adds more rhythm to the beats - catchy. Yet again good use of harmonica and some nice flute tunes. Nice use of the Chillar vocals - children song without being overtly cutesy - the focus is on rhythm and catchy beats. Pianos, claps, guitars, bass. I like all that I hear. -Shashi
Has some interesting bits, but would have preferred a more earthy, less "sophisticated" composition for this situation. -Aditya
Brought back memories of "lakdi ki kathi". It’s a dainty little song with cute lyrics. Amit Trivedi of course has a nice arrangement as always. -Sowmya
Throwaway song. Only reedeming feature is a nice instrumental piece in the middle. -Ketan
A fun ensemble song. Not particularly memorable, but I am sure it worked well with the movie as a backdrop. -Armeen
The arrangement is good and Mohit Chauhan, in an unfamiliar territory, sings well. -Subrat
Amit Trivedi and Mohit Chauhan ensure with their efforts that this totally appeals to the target audience, making it the best song from Chillar Party. -Vipin
'चिल्लर पार्टी' की फ़ौज का परिचय गीत सा है ये खुशनुमा गीत. मोहित चौहान ने बड़ी ख़ूबसूरती से इसे गाया है और अमित त्रिवेदी का वाद्य संजोयन भी बेहतरीन है. बच्चों का कोरस भी गीत का प्रभाव बढ़ाने में सहयोग देता है. -Pavan
Enjoyable vocal arrangements along with a punchy Latin rhythms. -George

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